The Shadow’s Skin (2017) installation of poem-objects
created using various material, varying dimensions

The Shadow’s Skin is a creative translation and installation of selected aphorisms and reflections from La Peau de l’ombre written by Joël Gayraud. In La Peau de l’ombre, Joël Gayraud offers a number of poetic reflections and aphorisms inspired both by daydream and conceptual thinking. The public can playfully reassemble, reorder, turn and manipulate the boxes so that they create their own narratives, becoming assemblers of both meaning and form.

Elise Aru is a French artist now living in Paris. Previously, she used to live in Norwich and in London. In her practice, she translates poetry into poem-objects based on the reinvigoration and the displacement of Surrealist practices such as collage. She has been taking part in the meetings of the Paris Surrealist group since 2013. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, in Costa Rica, in Spain and in France. Her poem-objects can be found at www.elisearu.com.